Conflict 101™

Conflict 101™

Properly Resolving Conflict

Most of us would agree that one of the biggest challenges is dealing with conflict… whether at work or at home. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the tools to resolve conflict in a healthy way. We end up damaging relationships, we lose trust… the list goes on and on. Conflict 101™ is a new micro-learning program packed with conflict resolution tips and tools.

Learning Paths & Details


  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Core Leadership Skills
  • Developing Critical Work Skills

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Training Files (10)

Conflict 101™
Full Video
Full Video08:37 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™ Introduction Strategy Overview
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Introduction01:25 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™ The Fight Response
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette01:55 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™ The Flight Response
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette02:20 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™ The Freeze Response
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette01:35 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™ The Bottom Line
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Summary00:47 minEnglishDemo
Conflict 101™
Self-Study Guide
Workshop Material 18 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 10 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 34 pagesEnglishPreview
Conflict 101™ Workshop PPT
Workshop PowerPoint
Workshop MaterialEnglishPreview

Additional Information

Trainer Comments: Four simple steps are presented to resolve workplace (individual and team) conflict. The program also discusses the fight, flight or freeze conflict model.

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