Conflict 101™ - Conflict Strategy Overview

Understanding Workplace Conflict

Most of us would agree that one of the biggest challenges is dealing with conflict… whether at work or at home.

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  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Core Leadership Skills
  • Developing Critical Work Skills

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Conflict 101™ (eLearning Signature)

Conflict 101™ (eLearning Signature)

If you're like most people... you never really give much thought to conflict... you just deal with it. You either fight...take flight or...simply freeze. In other words, you argue or yell your way through it... avoid it all together... or you just don't know what to say or do. Conflict is simply a part of life - and that's especially true in the workplace. Conflict 101™ is the perfect program to cut through the nonsense and get straight to the point of conflict resolution.

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Conflict 101™ Introduction Strategy Overview
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Additional Information

Four simple strategies are presented to resolve workplace (individual and team) conflict. The program also discusses the fight, flight or freeze conflict model.

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