E•Z START™ Getting Back to Work After the Pandemic

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

After the pandemic, organizations are navigating a broad range of issues that span from keeping their employees and customers safe to re-configuring business operations and getting things to a 'new' normal. This E•Z START™ is geared towards all employees within your organization, providing a great introduction to what employees might see in the post-pandemic workplace. Total Discussion Time: 30-60 Minutes

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  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Preparing for the Future

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TrainingBriefs® The Post-Pandemic Workplace

TrainingBriefs® The Post-Pandemic Workplace

New Micro-Learning! Returning to the office raises a lot of questions. It’s everyone’s job to make sure we create a workplace that is safe and respectful! During these trying times, communication will go a long way towards reducing fear and unfounded rumor/gossip. As we progress, you might see new changes. New policies. New procedures implemented within our workplace.

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E∙Z START Roadmap1 page EnglishDemo
Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Workplace
Video with graphics and narrator
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E•Z START™ programs are designed to make training your team or organization quick and comprehensive. Each topic-specific roadmap includes the tools you need to launch an engaging and interactive training effort in minutes. Programs include a video clip, discussion guide, activity, reinforcement materials - all curated to maximize implementation.

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