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Leading with a Positive Approach

What's the most common response you get when you do something right at work? If you said - nothing - you're right. People usually only pay attention to you when you make a mistake. The fact is a "gotcha" approach is what most people experience on the job. Which basically means they never hear from anyone until they mess up. And when they do hear from someone - it's usually to point fingers and make sure they know it's their fault.

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The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

We have to rely on and work with others in order to achieve results. The problem is that many work environments are not conducive to positive relationships. Instead, they employ the GOTcha approach. If someone does something wrong, then they think it is their job to point it out and say, “GOTcha!” While focused on the mistake, they are inadvertently reinforcing the negative behavior. This program focuses on the Power of Positivity (POP) Approach and can have a dramatic positive impact on your relationships with others.

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Based on behavior-changing strategies developed by leading behavioral strategists, this program offers a compelling message and memorable workshop tasks that will have an immediate and positive impact on your workplace. It will help your employees learn how to build trust, accentuate the positive, and when a mistake occurs, redirect the energy for a more productive outcome. It provides a clear, easy-to- use approach that will help employees discover the power of positive relationships and enable them to make more effective choices in their interactions with coworkers.

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