Legal and Illegal Pre-Employment Questions Slide Rule (10-pk)
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Legal and Illegal Pre-Employment Questions Slide Rule (10-pk)


Ensuring Your Interview Is Compliant (and Legal)

Completely Updated! This easy-to-use slide-rule is a powerful tool that will help ensure your interviewing questions are on target and compliant. It gives your interviewers clear guidelines as to what type of questions are legal or may be considered illegal in an interview with a candidate. This is a great takeaway from training and a useful reference tool. It includes suggestions on interview question areas such as; race, religion, family, age, citizenship, experience, travel and more. Quantity discounts available. Call 800-300-8880 for details and large quantity ordering.

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  • Interviewing for Capability and Cultural Fit

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Use the Legal and Illegal Pre-Employment Questions Slide Rule to reinforce training of the behavior-based interviewing strategy with a concise outline for planning the interview, arranging the interview environment, and conducting the interview. This tool is a great companion to the best-selling More Than a Gut Feeling™ training program. Here's an example:

When discussing citizenship in a pre-employment interview:

If hired, can you verify that you are legally authorized to work in the United States (if asked of all applicants)?

Of what country are you a citizen?  Are you a naturalized or a native-born citizen of the U.S.? Are you an American?  When did you become a U.S. citizen?  Please produce naturalization papers or green card.


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