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Sexual Orientation

You have an employee who tells you they can't believe a coworker is a lesbian. They also tell you that they can no longer work with that employee. As a manager, what do you do? Ideally, organizational policies will give you some guidance on how to address sexual orientation questions and issues - from a compliance standpoint. But beyond that, there are team morale and productivity issues that need to be addressed when and if this type of situation arises.

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  • Fostering Inclusion, Equity & Belonging
  • Inspiring and Motivating Your Workforce
  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance

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Additional Information

Knowing when and how to deal with issues of sexual orientation, or sexuality, or even lifestyle choices can be a challenge. They're the kind of things that can give rise to gossip and innuendo, at the very least; and outright hostility and harassment if you don't deal with them correctly.

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