White Guys Need Not Apply 06:38 min

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White Guys Need Not Apply (Original Version)

White Guys Need Not Apply (Original Version)

Inclusion is for everybody! We've paid a lot of attention to overcoming the past exclusion of women and minorities in the workplace - in terms of their roles and how they should be treated. But we don't give a lot of thought as to how those changes have affected white men. Organizations today must carry out efforts to increase their race, gender, and diversity in ways that don't exclude or unfairly disadvantage any group.
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Main Topic:Diversity Dynamics
Other Topics:Communication, Inclusion / Equity / Belonging, Management, Professionalism, Respect / Respectfulness
Competencies:Diversity, Fostering Inclusion, Equity & Belonging
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Available in Other Languages:Spanish (NA) Portuguese (Brazilian)
Available in Other Assets:We Need to M.E.E.T.™: Managing for Respect in the Workplace (Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT)) ID:379