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Achieve Higher Performance with Sollah Interactive!

by Jon Grannis, 5 years ago

Achieve Higher Performance with Sollah Interactive!

Sollah Interactive is all about helping your organization achieve results by developing the greatest asset an organization has—its people. The bottom line for any individual in any organization is to deliver results. There are two components to delivering results: what you do and how you do it.

Sollah’s high-performance principles, derived from and driven by both basic truths and the daily demands of the workplace, provide a foundation for how you get results. A high performer is someone who comes into work every day and consistently exhibits:

INTEGRITY — honesty and truthfulness in all situations and adherence to the highest professional standards, no matter the circumstances.

RESPECT — personal responsibility to assume good intentions and work through problems with professionalism, civility and fairness.

INITIATIVE — ability to anticipate problems, think through all potential consequences and offer and/or implement solutions before issues escalate.

CONFIDENCE — self-assurance and poise to act decisively (even when a decision is unpopular) and to ask for help when needed.

PURPOSE — persistence, commitment and drive to see the big picture and the ability to be flexible and understand what it takes to get there.

When it comes to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, Sollah has you covered. With over 300 training assets (including facilitated programs, eLearning and video clips), Sollah’s extensive library covers all major compliance concerns – including sexual harassment, bullying, abusive conduct, general harassment, retaliation, gender identification, and more!  – using situation-based video and model-driven solutions. Going beyond compliance we also have awarding winning content for leadership, diversity, inclusion, personal performance improvement, ethics, time management and more!

Partial Client List: Sollah’s content has been used by thousands of organizations in both the public and private sectors including most of the Fortune 500 and all levels of Federal and State Government.  A few of our well recognized customers include: The City of Los Angeles, FDIC, Boeing, Xerox, Microsoft, Subaru of America, Bobrick, United States Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, ABM, MasterCard, Ernst & Young, Department of Education, Costco, Alcatel Lucent, Walgreens, Xcel Energy, Whirlpool, Consolidated Energy, Goodrich, United Technology, Neiman Marcus, Archer Daniels Midland, Wendy’s and Wells Fargo.

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