Acknowledge Vulnerabilities - A Quick Tip

Guest Contributor - Kari Heistad

Acknowledge Vulnerabilities

Hermit Crabs live in empty seashells. As they grow they have to find larger shells to move into. In the search for a new shell, the crab is particularly vulnerable to predators. When organizations undergo growth and change, such as becoming more diverse, it often challenges employees to grow in new ways.

Just as the crab feels vulnerable when it changes shells, employees in this time of transition may feel particularly susceptible.

Giving employees clear goals and the acknowledgement of the importance of their role in a company’s plans will help them to reduce anxiety and to adapt to their new reality.


Action Step: As your organization grows and changes, make sure that the growth strategy, its mile markers and goals are consistently communicated to all employees and that they know their role in your success.


Discussion Questions

  1. How does our organization's current changes impact our team?
  2. What are ways that we need to adapt as a team to the changes happening?
  3. What role can each person on the team play in helping us to move forward successfully?
  4. How can we be more supportive of each other more during these changes?
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