Armed Intruder Preparation DOES NOT Equal Prevention, But...

Armed Intruder Preparation DOES NOT Equal Prevention, But...

When it comes to an armed intruder/active shooter, preparedness is a key part of the equation.

Preventing an armed intruder should revolve around a comprehensive strategy.

Comprehensive preparedness includes:

  • Training (and reinforcement)
  • Practice and drills
  • Understanding the behavioral signs of an attacker
  • Threat assessment
  • Policy development
  • Workplace violence program development & implementation
  • Proactive access control & visitor management protocols

 What does preparedness achieve?

  • Immediate and appropriate response
  • Quickly mitigate continued commission of crime
  • Deterrence (in some circumstances)
  • Possible recognition of the intentions PRIOR to commission of act
  • Reduces increased injury or loss of life
  • Reduces long term effects of the incident to those involved

Preparation DOES NOT equal prevention but it does allow more identifiable opportunities to de-escalate risk and/or mitigate the effects of an armed intruder/active shooter event at the earliest opportunity if it does occur.

Bottom Line: Preventing every attack is impossible, but planning and preparing your organization is a good start to reducing the overall impact of an armed intruder.