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Adversity Creates Inspiration - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 4 years ago

Adversity Creates Inspiration - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International


In 2013, and 2014, over 15 weeks, Ben Saunders was the first person to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. He is also the youngest person to reach the North Pole on foot. When asked about why he feels compelled to test himself in extreme conditions, his answer was, “Real inspiration and growth only comes from adversity and challenge.”

When diverse teams come together, there can be conflict if there is a lack of understanding and trust among team members. When there is a lack of trust, the team is fighting its differences instead of embracing them. When teams embrace the challenges that come with differences, the differences can be leveraged for inspiration and growth.

The greater the differences and the more work it takes to develop understanding, the greater the team growth.


Action Step: Be patient when working on diverse teams so that together you are able to accept challenges and to grow from them.


Discussion Questions

  1. Where do we get our inspiration from?
  2. What are the differences on our team that can either cause conflict or can be used to inspire us?
  3. How can we learn from our differences better?
  4. How do we leverage our differences for great team results?


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