Build a Foundation for Growth - A Quick Tip

woman with a laptop


Navel oranges are neither native to Florida nor a natural tree. Navels are a graft of two citrus trees, the root stock and the bud wood. Both these parts contribute different, but essential resources that are necessary in order to produce sweet oranges.

While the bud wood gets the attention for producing the fruit, the root stock, which is little acknowledged or even understood, is the foundation for all the delectable fruit.

Oftentimes, behind the scenes tasks are overlooked as being nonessential; however, they are a vital component to the health and productivity of the team. It takes the combined efforts of many types of skills and talents on a team to create the shared successful fruits of their labor.


Action Step: Take a moment to acknowledge the behind the scenes tasks that help your team run efficiently.


Discussion Questions

  1. What behind the scene efforts are happening that are contributing to our success?
  2. Are there any behind the scene tasks or procedures that need to get updated or changed?
  3. Is the person (or people) doing the behind the scenes work getting both the support and credit they need?
  4. How can we improve how we bring together different perspectives to come up with something new like an orange?
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