Dec 20219

Build On The Collective Effort - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 2 years ago

Build On The Collective Effort - A Quick Tip

Guest Contributor - Kari Heistad

The survival of a hive of honeybees is dependent upon the collaborative and collective efforts of every bee. The work of the hive is divided into specific tasks, each with designated worker bees. Only when every bee is doing its work can the hive stockpile the honey needed to survive the cold winter.

A company is like a beehive that depends upon the collective effort of all of its employees. It is critical that each employee understands their role and how it contributes to the success and growth of the company. When each person is valued for their unique contribution and empowered to do their best work, the company will thrive and also survive through their ‘winters’ of hard times.

Action Step: Tell your team members the unique qualities that they contribute to the team.

Discussion Questions

  1. As an organization, do we have a clear sense of each employees' role? How do we communicate this to them?
  2. How do we demonstrate our appreciation for each other's contributions?
  3. What are we doing as a team to ensure that each team member is adequately supported to be successful in their roles?
  4. How can we help each other to play our role better for the team?
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