Jun 20212

Find the Missing Ingredient - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 3 years ago

Find the Missing Ingredient - A Quick Tip

On the surface, a desert appears sparse and desolate. The harsh conditions do not seem conducive to growth. Yet, on the rare occasions that rain soaks the desert, it becomes a plethora of color and life - often overnight.

Sometimes team projects seem like a desert, as if all of the efforts are providing little visible signs of growth. And yet, when the right ingredient arrives, the program flourishes and ‘flowers’ on cue.

Providing new ideas, energy, leadership, or direction can often serve as the ‘rain’ you need to help the project blossom with success.


Action Step: If your latest initiative is a ‘desert,’ add new life by finding new people, a new direction or new leadership.


Discussion Questions

  1. Are there any projects that are missing an ingredient?
  2. Who can serve as the missing ingredient for any of our current project? Adding new life, ideas or direction?
  3. How can we welcome a diversity of ideas to the work that we are doing so that these can help us grow?
  4. Many of us have tips and tricks that we use to spark creativity - what are these for you? Can they help the team as well?
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