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Gauge Opportunities - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 3 years ago

Gauge Opportunities - A Quick Tip

Guest Contributor - Kari Heistad


A surfer looking to ride a wave has an endless selection to choose from. Numerous elements are considered to pick the best wave: the distance to the approaching wave, height of the swell, and potential breaking point of the wave.

Like the surfer selecting the right wave, people encounter endless opportunities for growth and must decide whether the opportunity is worth the inherent risks involved. Some opportunities may involve moving to a new country, working with colleagues with different backgrounds, or taking on a new role.

Asking an experienced team member, collecting background information, or networking can help you to better gauge which opportunity to take. This increases your chances of picking the right wave to ride to success.


Action Step: When growth opportunities arise, seek out a senior colleague to become a guiding mentor.


Discussion Questions

  1. In the last six months, have you identified any opportunities for growth? What encouraged you to, or prevented you from, taking them?
  2. When you find growth opportunities, who do you turn to for advice?
  3. How can you create opportunities for your own growth and for the growth of your team members?
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