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Hiring Should Always Be More Than a Gut Feeling

by Jon Grannis, 7 months ago

Hiring Should Always Be More Than a Gut Feeling

Interviewing can really suck! Having a hard time getting it right? Behavior-Based Interviewing works when it comes to hiring for a good fit.


Okay. The labor market is tight. It's tough to find people to interview. We get that. But... there are people out there. Non-traditional prospects​ are entering the workforce in larger numbers. Oh... and don't forget about internal interviewing and promotion. The bottom line is that solid interviewing skills are in high demand - regardless of the labor market. If you don't know how to interview, you'll not get the fit you need


It should always be More Than a Gut Feeling!

​​​​Interviewers are more apt to select the best person for the job when they use ​the Behavior-Based Interviewing (BBI) strategy. People tend to perform in the future the same way they've performed in the past. Go beyond making hiring decisions based primarily on how ​you "feel" about a candidate. Behavior-based questions enable ​you to gain specific examples of what a candidate has done in the past, and these examples then act as a predictor of how the person is likely to perform in the position for which they've applied.


Sollah's newest program, More Than a Gut Feeling provides practical, easy to use instruction that helps organizations significantly enhance recruiting and hiring efforts, improve employee retention and equip managers (and others) with proven behavioral interviewing skills.


​Sollah Interactive is a leader in helping organizations tackle tough workplace issues. For more ideas on ​maximizing your interview/hiring process​, see more details about the program "More Than a Gut Feeling".​ Want to learn more or have a conversation, call us at 800-300-8880.​