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Honor Unique Contributions

by Jon Grannis, 2 years ago

Honor Unique Contributions

Quilting brings together small pieces of fabric, each with a unique design, to form an intricate quilt.

On its own, each piece of fabric does not create a patchwork design. It is only when combined that pieces create a quilt of varying colors, patterns and design.

Like the distinct colors and design of a single patch on a quilt, individual employees have unique perspectives and ideas that can be integrated into the work of a team.

The individual brilliance of an employee is not always realized until a group comes together to collaborate.

Working with other employees on diverse teams helps each team member to tap into their creativity, often producing ground breaking products and services that could only be discovered through collaboration.

Food for Thought: To produce truly unique outcomes for your next project, seek input from colleagues that have different perspectives than your own.

Here are a few questions you can ask at your next team meeting:

  • What kind of projects that we do as a team needs a great deal of diversity to be innovative?
  • How does working on a team bring out skills and strengths that might not be used on their own?
  • What are ways that we can bring out the expertise that exists among our team members?
  • How do we best present the unique combined skills and talents of our diverse teams to others?

Note: In today’s work environment, finding ways to stop and explore teamwork issues is not easy.
Investing 10-15 minutes in a conversation will provide a quick and easy way for teams to work more effectively together.


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