Invest Your Time for Others - A Cultural Quick Tip

Investing in others at work

Invest Your Time for Co-Workers, Vendors & Customers

In India, in the year 1960, Dashrath Manjhi tragically lost his wife after she slipped and seriously injured herself, because she could not get to the local hospital quickly enough. This galvanized Dashrath, who spent the next 22 years carving, by hand, in his “off hours”, a 360-foot long path through the mountain to the local hospital so that others would not suffer his wife’s same fate. While the path that Dashrath created was too late to save his wife, his efforts were an opportunity to help others in his village.

On teams, it is important to be willing to invest time into the lives of other team members. We do this by learning about what they need and what obstacles they face and by then offering our assistance.

This investment pays off in greater team cohesion, inclusion, and trust, as well as the removal of obstacles that stand in the way.


Action Step: Invest in your relationships with other team members by getting to know them on a personal level.


Discussion Questions

  1. What galvanizes someone to make deep sacrifices for others?
  2. What kind of reward does someone gain when they sacrifice for someone else? Does that hold true for this team?
  3. Is it wise to sacrifice someone of your own time and resources for others on the team? Why or why not?
  4. Can you think of someone who has inspired you by the sacrifice(s) that they have made? How did they inspire you?


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