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Leverage Broad Expertise

by Jon Grannis, 3 months ago

Leverage Broad Expertise

Did you know? Building a 30-story skyscraper requires expertise from 54 different specialties and the contributions of up to 750 workers.

The complexity of the project requires continuous and long-term collaboration across dozens of disciplines. If the architects designed the building without considering the other specialties, the result would be a visually unique building, but it might not be practical or safe.

Like building a skyscraper, collaboration on large projects works best when you bring together a team with diverse areas of expertise. On-going and continuous collaboration among disciplines helps to ensure that your project achieves all of its goals when it is completed.


While not all work projects may be as complex as building a skyscraper, bringing together diverse perspectives can lead to solutions that reach well beyond the imaginable scale, scope, and skills of any individual department or team member.


Here are a few questions you can ask at your next team meeting:

  • Who are all of the different teams or departments that we collaborate with regularly? What skills do they bring to us?
  • How can we be more effective in leveraging the expertise that is available to us outside the team, either in the organization or outside of it?
  • When managing large projects how do we ensure that we use the expertise that we have on the team effectively?
  • How can we use a diversity of backgrounds and ideas to help us leverage the expertise and experience that is available to us?
Key Takeaway: In today’s work environment, finding ways to stop and explore teamwork issues is not easy.
Investing 10-15 minutes in a conversation will provide a quick and easy way for teams to work more effectively together.


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