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More Than a Gut Feeling™ eLearning Program Has Been Released!

by Jon Grannis, 4 years ago

More Than a Gut Feeling™ eLearning Program Has Been Released!

More Than a Gut Feeling™: Leveraging the Power of Behavior-Based Interviewing eLearning Program Has Been Released by Sollah Interactive!

Based on the best-selling interviewing video of all time, More Than a Gut Feeling!

Let’s be honest… a lot of hiring gets done based on nothing other than a gut feeling. Assumptions... Intuition... And a lot of employee turnover results because that gut feeling, that assumption, that intuition just wasn’t very accurate.

If you’re like most managers, one of your greatest fears is that you’ll hire the wrong person. You want to hire the person who, ultimately, will be the most successful in the job. You know that your operation will function more smoothly and will be more productive if the right person is in the right job.

This interactive course will empower and increase understanding that the single best predictor of future job performance is past job behavior. Learners will also realize that their task in the hiring interview is to gather the kinds of information that will enable them to hire people who will be successful in their jobs.

Features Included in this Course: Interactive elements, pre- assessment and post-assessment, video vignettes, audible narration and a downloadable job aid (legal/illegal interview questions).

Licensing Starts at $15/learner
Seat time: 50 Minutes


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