A New DEIB Integration Model to Consider

New D & I Integration Model to Consider

When launching new products, a typical adoption curve has three stages: early adopters, mainstream/majority adopters and the late adopters.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Adoption Curve

This same adoption curve model can also be applied to the four stages of DEIB integration. Each stage has:

  • the early adopters
  • a steep rise as the majority engages
  • a plateau with the 'late adopters

Four Stages of DEIB Integration

The integration of diversity and inclusion into the culture of an organization follows four stages - each with their own adoption curve as the ideas in each stage are socialized throughout the organization.

  • Equality and Equal Access through Compliance: organizations comply with laws that affirm equal access and protection.
  • Diversity: Organizations build a culture where differences are respected and diversity is recognized as being important to the organization.
  • Inclusion: Differences are valued and developed in the inclusion phase.  Diversity and Inclusion work is aligned to business goals and it causes greater results to be achieved.
  • Teams and Trust: The organization trusts and depends upon the differences to make them high performing teams.

As the organization (or region, group, etc.) goes through each stage, specific training and support is needed to maximize maturity.

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