Now's the time to really listen to your employees.

I wish my manager would just…
Have you ever taken the time to really listen to your employees/staff? I mean really listen? If you have, you know that their feedback can be tough to swallow.

You see, it's actually an important part of personal (and even organizational) growth... when we take the time to really listen to our employees. Take their feedback to heart. And make the necessary changes to our leadership/managerial styles.

We recently updated one of our most popular short programs. It's called "I Wish My Manager Would Just..."

Based on candid responses gathered in a large-scale, five-year survey, this program helps managers and supervisors consider the impact — positive and negative — that their management styles have on their employees. It’s a refreshing and honest look at the relationship between employees and managers.

Some responses to “I wish my manager would just…” include:

  • “Ask for my opinion and take it seriously.”
  • “Don’t just tell me how to do things, show me.”
  • “Make me feel included and that I belong here.”
  • “Say ‛Thank You’.”

I Wish My Manager Would Just… is a great way to:

  • Establish trusting, two-way communication between managers and their employees.
  • Encourage and equip managers with ideas of how to better relate to employees.
  • Engage in professional discussion about current issues employees are being faced with.


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I Wish My Manager Would Just...™
I Wish My Manager Would Just...™

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