Sobering stats about mental health in today's workplace...

Good Mental Health

COVID-19 has left it's mark in so many ways. It's hard to quantify the pain, grief, sadness and loss. But the impacts of this pandemic will be felt for a long time. And your organization needs to be prepared for it.

Here are some recent stats from a June 2020 survey from the CDC:

  • 40% of US adults reported struggling with mental health or substance use
  • 31% have anxiety or depression symptoms
  • 26% are experiencing trauma/stress-related disorder symptoms
  • 13% have started or increased substance abuse
  • 11% have seriously considered suicide


These statistics are heart-breaking. And experts expect them to get worse. Now is the time to focus our energy and increasing our knowledge (and resources) around attaining good mental health.

Understanding good mental health and stress are the starting points in the struggle to help others. With easy-to-use videos and interactive eLearning, we hope to help jump start your capabilities and provide you the tools you need to support your organization's journey in helping your staff, team, associates and others on their road to good mental health.

Sollah will be releasing more content throughout 2021 to help explain, identify, and support your road to providing good mental health information within your organization. Need help? Call us for training content and resources - 800-300-8880.