Sollah Continues Adding High Definition Video Resources!

Sollah Continues Adding High Definition Video Resources


When it comes to video, the higher the definition, the better. Sollah Interactive has been releasing new training content in high definition formats for years...

But getting good video at decent compression sizes has always been a struggle.

After months of testing, Sollah has started releasing content within the Sollah Library in 720 and 1080 HD video format. The high definition video is remarkably clear, while smaller file sizes makes it perfect for quick downloads and easy implementation.

With more than 500 videos in 1080 HD format, licensed users have the video quality they need to create powerful training experiences with their organizations. And there is more to come!

Sollah plans to add even more high definition video throughout the year - and we're testing the concept of 4K video assets in 2020 and beyond.

Need powerful training content? Sollah Library is your source for effective training resources!


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