Understand How To Use Your Skills - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International

Understand How To Use Your Skills - A Quick Tip

A guitar in the hands of a novice is simply an object to hold. In the hands of a master, that same guitar becomes an instrument that makes beautiful music. The guitar itself does not change; it just requires well-developed skills to unlock its musical potential. With effective instructions, open communication, and management support, employees are able to unlock and cultivate their natural talents and interests into skills that add to the strength of their team.


When each musician is encouraged to learn his or her skills, the ensemble can make beautiful music together.

Action Step:
Encourage teammates to discuss what their skills are and brainstorm together how these skills might be used for the team.

Discussion Questions

1. What are some of the hidden skills on this team?
2. What skills are not being used effectively for the team? How might we use them better?
3. How can we help each other to improve our natural talents?
4. How can we be supportive of each other when we are learning a new skill?

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