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Understanding From Experience - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 5 years ago

Understanding From Experience - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International


A documentary about life in the sea will provide knowledge about ocean life. However, that knowledge is enhanced when it is combined with the experience of scuba diving. The combined knowledge and experience deepens your understanding of the sea exponentially.

Scuba diving augments book knowledge with a visceral experience. The act of learning about people with different cultural backgrounds can be viewed in a similar way. Learning about a culture by reading a book or talking to people from that culture gives you a base of knowledge.

When you experience that culture first hand, this deepens your base of understanding. By both gaining knowledge and personal experience with a culture, it is possible to have a deeper and more nuanced point of view.


Action Step: Learn more about a core customer group’s culture by seeking out a first-hand experience that immerses you in their environment.


Discussion Questions

  1. Can anyone share an experience that provided you with an insight that you would be willing to share?
  2. How have you seen knowledge and experience come together to provide you with an insight or idea that you didn’t have before?
  3. With the knowledge that you currently have, what experience(s) would you like to have so that you can expand your skills?
  4. How can we create experiences for ourselves as a team that enhance our skills and our ability to collaborate?


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