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Understanding Impact - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 4 years ago

Understanding Impact - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International


A single drop of water splashing against a rock may not seem to have an erosive impact. However, there is power in water drops, for over time water has the strength to wear down stone.

The Colorado River, which began millions of years ago as a drop of water, carved the Grand Canyon. Positive every day actions are like water drops. While each act may not seem to have much impact, over time, the cumulative impact of many drops of water can wear down fear, negativity, and resistance to help forge a new path ahead.

When faced with fear, negative attitudes, or resistance to change, consider using the water drop theory to make inroads in a positive direction.


Action Step: Focus on one relationship and apply consistent small positive actions to help break down negativity.


Discussion Questions

  1. What is an area of our teamwork that could use some consistent positive reinforcement?
  2. Are there team attitudes/beliefs that we need to let get washed away and replaced with new and better attitudes and beliefs?
  3. Is there an attitude or belief that you are working on changing? Is there a way for the team to support you with this change?
  4. Are there any beliefs or attitudes that we face within the organization that we want to tackle together as a team?


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