Understanding Perceived Value - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International

Understanding Perceived Value - A Quick Tip

During the Revolutionary War, lobster was considered such inferior food that it was used to feed the British prisoners, and even they revolted against it. With the advent of railroads, trains brought lobster to the Midwesterners, who had no cultural bias, and found it to be a delicacy.

Gradually, New Englanders came to the same conclusion. Often it takes an outside perspective to realize the inherent value that is already on your team and within your company.

Being able to recognize the value that is on your team or within yourself is an important part of being an effective team member.


Action Step: Consult with a colleague to gain an outside perspective on the value that your team provides to the company.


Discussion Questions

  1. As a team, how do we perceive our value?
  2. What value do others perceive as us providing to them?
  3. Is there value that we not currently tapping into? If so, how do we use that value?
  4. How can we provide more value to others in the future?


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