Understanding Value - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International

Understanding Context - A Quick Tip

When a rubber band is stretched taut it has potential energy. This potential energy is only important if the rubber band is released and the band moves towards a target.

A diverse team can also have incredible intrinsic potential.

However, if team members do not feel comfortable contributing their unique ideas, they will not release their great potential energy towards the target of innovation.

By creating a respectful and inclusive team culture, potential can be built up which aimed in the right direction can launch innovation, creativity, and momentum towards achieving team goals.


Action Step: Ask yourself, are there potential “rubber bands” that can be developed? Are there “rubber bands” ready for release? What can I do to help this potential manifest itself?


Discussion Questions

  1. As a team, how do we perceive our value?
  2. What value do others perceive as us providing to them?
  3. Is there value that we not currently tapping into? If so, how do we use that value?
  4. How can we provide more value to others in the future?


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