Use a Mediator to Help Stalemates

Use a Mediator to Help Stalemates

A referee’s job requires them to be an impartial expert on the game, clear headed, and capable of fairly applying the rules.

During games, it would be impossible for coaches, players, and fans to make unbiased calls without a referee.

Similarly, in high-pressure work environments, differences between colleagues may lead to disputes that make it impossible for them to see past their biases, resulting in a conflict or stalemate.

In these instances, asking for the assistance of a “referee” or a neutral, third party colleague, may provide the necessary insight to tease out the cause of the miscommunication, which could be rooted in cultural, generational, or personality style differences.


Action Step: Reach out to an impartial referee to help resolve communication conflicts in a productive way when an impasse occurs.


In today’s work environment, finding ways to stop and explore teamwork issues is not easy.

Use this tool to spark a short 10-15 minute conversation that will provide a quick and easy way  for teams to have conversations that will help them to work more effectively together


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