Oct 202211

Use Intuition to Foster Better Teamwork - A Cultural Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 2 years ago

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Contributor - Kari Heistad

Use Intuition to Foster Better Teamwork

In the sport of barrel racing, when a horse and rider are working well together, the horse will intuitively move under the rider if it feels the rider start to fall. This automatic response is only possible due to the bond and unspoken communication that develops between a horse and a rider through the many hours of practicing together. These countless hours of practice build a connection that allows horse and rider to communicate with each other using minute adjustments in weight and pressure.

When you devote time and effort to communicating with a colleague, especially one from a background different than your own, you can improve the fluency of your communication and eventually be able to detect minute changes in these communications.

Like a horse and rider, you will then be able to move intuitively to help each other when needed and often without being asked.


Action Step: Ask follow-up questions to deepen your understanding of your colleague’s communication style.

Discussion Questions

  1. Developing a close bond that allows us to work together intuitively requires time and engagement. How can we create that type of connection within our team? Outside of our team?
  2. What are examples of when we, collectively or individually, were able to help each other to avert a fall?
  3. How can developing a deeper bond with each other improve our communication? How can we develop those bonds with each other?
  4. What are action steps we can take to improve our communication skills with each other?
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