Embedding Video into PowerPoint

Step-by-step instructions for embedding video into PowerPoint 2003 and an instruction link for embedding video into PowerPoint 2007.


Embedding video into PowerPoint 2003

  1. Go into TAG and save the video file(s) to your desktop or a folder of your choice
  2. In PPT 2003, go to View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox
  3. Click on "More Controls" (the hammer and wrench icon at the bottom right hand corner)
  4. Scroll down to Windows Media Player
  5. Draw a box in the PPT screen that is as big as you want the viewer to be
  6. Right click in the media player box and select "Properties"
  7. Double click on the empty cell next to "Custom"
  8. Browse for your video (your video will be where you saved it in step 1 above)
  9. Review the "Playback Options" and select if you want the video to "Auto Start", "Stretch to fit" or "Play full screen"
  10. Click "Okay"
  11. IMPORTANT: To view the video, review must be in slideshow mode. In slide show mode, you will be able to use the play the video with controls (rewinds, fast forward, sound, etc.)
  12. NOTE: If you are emailing this for review, you may change the .ppt extension to .pps, and this will send the file in slideshow mode.
Embedding video into PowerPoint 2007