TrainingBriefs® The Post-Pandemic Workplace
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TrainingBriefs® The Post-Pandemic Workplace

The New Workplace Normal

New Micro-Learning! Returning to the office raises a lot of questions. It’s everyone’s job to make sure we create a workplace that is safe and respectful! During these trying times, communication will go a long way towards reducing fear and unfounded rumor/gossip. As we progress, you might see new changes. New policies. New procedures implemented within our workplace.

Learning Paths & Details


  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Preparing for the Future

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the impacts and effects of the latest pandemic will be felt in our workplace and how the ‘new’ normal might look.
  • Learn about the new changes, new policies and new procedures you might see implemented within your workplace.

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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: It’s normal to feel nervous or even concerned about getting or even being back in the workplace. It’s important to know that your questions and concerns are valid and will be handled with care and empathy. We are in this together!

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