About Sollah Interactive, LLC

With a genuine passion for changing workplace behaviors, Sollah Interactive delivers a diverse library of high quality, interactive and engaging e-learning and video training content across top learning topics.

Our difference is our content; developed using knowledge and insight from industry experts in workplace law, human resources and compliance. Sollah Interactive’s robust learning topics include real-life, applicable solutions to today’s workplace issues. Training content is professionally produced to be dramatic, interactive and behavior-changing.

Sollah supports organizations by partnering with human resources teams to provide engaging training solutions that change employee behavior for the betterment of the workplace.

Every organization is unique

From how training impacts your company’s success to the diversity of the audiences you train how you train to the way your industry impacts workplace circumstances. Sollah understands that uniqueness and extends flexible training options to meet those needs through custom or annual agreements, even multi-year licensing and discounts. We work to remove any barriers to training your teams.

Our team of experts help organizations build effective training plans by first learning what is driving your need for training and the outcomes your organization looks to achieve.

Solutions that drive results

Anyone can sell products, but Sollah’s team works to help customers find solutions that drive results. You never get something you don’t need; you get a helpful hand in building the programs and pathways that make sense for you.


Call us today at 800-300-8880 (or clientservices@sollah.com) for more information or free preview access to our robust content library.