Being F.A.I.R.™ Program Summary

Understanding Cultural Competence

The point of understanding the impact of diversity and being culturally competent by using the F.A.I.R.™ approach isn't just to ensure we'll all be nice to each other. Our organizations are in business to accomplish a task. And that takes the cooperation of employees and customers.

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Being F.A.I.R.™ Understanding the Power of Cultural Competence (eLearning)

Being F.A.I.R.™ Understanding the Power of Cultural Competence (eLearning)

Promote inclusion and cultural competency in the workplace. Diversity can be defined as the unique characteristics of all of the various groups who make up your business environment (such as customers, managers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders). Managing diversity is about recognizing and responding effectively to the similarities and differences among all groups that make up the organization.

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Being F.A.I.R.™ Program Summary
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When we use the F.A.I.R.™ approach, we get better at the things that really matter. We're better at communicating. We're better at building relationships and solving problems. We're more productive. We help create the kind of place where we all want to work. And we help maintain our competitive edge and build our customer service advantage.

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