Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™

Conflict Clock: Taking T.I.M.E. to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace™

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Handle workplace conflict effectively with this new program! Conflict Clock™ presents four proven strategies that will help participants break old and negative response habits. Conflict with another person can create stress – the kind of stress that can lead to a response that makes the problem worse, rather than better. Our bodies naturally gravitate toward a Fight, a Flight, or a Freeze response when we feel threatened or upset. This program is designed to help all employees identify and change our responses - better dealing with the conflict at hand.

Learning Path & Details


  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing High-Performing Work Habits

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Training Files (15)

Full Video25:14 minEnglishDemo
Program Introduction (T.I.M.E. Model)
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Introduction02:14 minEnglishDemo
Fight – Team Troubles?
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette06:34 minEnglishDemo
Fight – Team Troubles?
Video without narrator
Video Vignette01:43 minEnglishDemo
Flight – Can’t You Just Deal with It?
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette08:03 minEnglishDemo
Video Vignette02:03 minEnglishDemo
Video Vignette05:50 minEnglishDemo
Video Vignette02:30 minEnglishDemo
Program Summary (Recapping the T.I.M.E. Model)
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Summary01:46 minEnglishDemo
NEW Conflict Clock - PowerPoint
Workshop PowerPoint
Workshop Material 20 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 124 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 36 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 54 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 40 pagesEnglishPreview
Workshop Material 30 pagesEnglishPreview

Additional Information

Trainer Comments: Conflict Clock is a representation of the circular pattern that often emerges when there is a conflict. The conflict first presents at 12:00. Our initial response to this stressor or conflict happens at 3:00. The other person responds at 6:00, and we respond again at 9:00. When we respond poorly at 3:00, this prompts the other person to respond poorly at 6:00, and so on. We experience a circular problem…one where despite our poor results, we use the same failed response pattern again and again.

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