Courage 2 Coach™ - Program Introduction/Model

The Power of Coaching for Performance

This engaging video lays out the Courage 2 Coach™ (C2C) model for effective coaching. A narrator/coach works through a high level coaching scenario using a dramatic situation.


  • Facilitating Change
  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance
  • Promoting Teamwork
  • Support

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TrainingBriefs® Coaching Basics

TrainingBriefs® Coaching Basics

New Micro-Learning! Have you ever been reluctant to coach an employee because you didn’t know where to begin or how to handle what may come up during the conversation? Yes, coaching can be scary. You have to excel in the necessary interpersonal skills while at the same time follow a process. You need to engage your employee in recognizing and solving the current problem. And, you need to help develop his or hers own problem-solving capabilities.

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Program Introduction/C2C Model Explained
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Introduction05:09 min EnglishDemo

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Coaching works! It's the best way to make sure people understand what's expected and do a good job. This program presents an easy-to-use model for getting the most out of each employee.

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