Let's T.A.L.K.™ Navigating Difficult Workplace Discussions
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Let's T.A.L.K.™ Navigating Difficult Workplace Discussions


Mastering Difficult Workplace Conversations

Tackling difficult conversations is hard for just about everyone… especially when it comes to the trickier workplace issues that seem to pop up when you least expect it. Let's T.A.L.K.™ Navigating Difficult Workplace Discussions is designed to assist managers and supervisors in dealing with difficult workplace situations. The program provides several difficult scenarios that managers may face when dealing with employees and each scenario utilizes an easy-to- use, four-step process for working through the employee situation.

Learning Path & Details


  • Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior
  • Inspiring and Motivating Your Workforce
  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to tell employees exactly how they see the performance situation.
  • Understand the importance of asking for feedback from difficult direct reports.
  • Learn to lead toward a solution.
  • Master the concept of keeping at it until it sticks.

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Let's T.A.L.K.™
Video with graphics and narrator
Full Video12:34 minEnglishDemo
I'm Not Signing That
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette02:16 minEnglishDemo
It's Not My Fault
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette02:53 minEnglishDemo
When They Just Don't Care
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette02:03 minEnglishDemo
You Can't Believe Anything They Say
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette03:01 minEnglishDemo
You're Doing a Great Job, But...
Video with graphics and narrator
Video Vignette02:13 minEnglishDemo
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Discussion Guide
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Additional Information

Understanding the feedback process in theory and actually sitting across from an employee and following through are two very different things. If employees always behaved the way they do in training videos, life would be easy. Unfortunately, people don’t always respond predictably, and knowing how to handle difficult situations is imperative for holding on to good employees.

"The T.A.L.K. program truly complimented my workshop - Optimizing Performance Management for Employee Engagement.  I needed some scenarios or case studies, but when I found the T.A.L.K. video it answered the call and gave our managers ways for informing a person who was not meeting the requirements of the job or that their behavior was inappropriate.  Very well received."
-- Oliver Allen, TADS

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