Downloading Resources from Sollah Library

Step-by-step instructions for downloading resource files (videos and PDFs) from Sollah Library.

screenshot: login

1. Log in to Sollah Library

screenshot: find resource

2. When in Sollah Library - you can search for the resource you need.

Figure 3

3. When you find the resource you're looking for, you can view it by clicking the title.

screenshot: download session

4. Go to Download section

After deciding on the video you need, click the Download link


NOTE: If you don’t see a Download link, your Company doesn’t have a license. Contact your Sollah sales representative to confirm your company’s license agreement.

screenshot: download link

5. After you click the Download link, you will see the Pre-Download Survey.


NOTE: You must answer all survey questions and accept the download terms before gaining assess to your training video (or component).

To start the download process, click the Go To Download Area button.

screenshot: download files

6. You will see the Downloaded files wizard. You can download various formats of the file. Choose the desired version and click the button.

screenshot: download progress

7. After you decide which file you want to download, click the download button.


NOTE: A blue progress bar will display above the Downloaded file area; when it reaches 100%, your browser will ask you: 'Do you want to open or Save the file?'

screenshot: download overview

8. Download Overview popup will appears with summarized info for downloaded file.

screenshot: save as

9. Save As popup will appears. You can change the name of the downloaded file if needed. 

Click on Save button to start downloading the file on your computer.


Don’t close your browser!
Wait until your browser shows you a message stating that the download has completed.