Tackle Key Workplace Issues with Sollah's Discussion Cards

Tackle Key Workplace Issues with Sollah's Discussion Cards

Sollah's discussion cards will make an immediate impact in your organization!

Each card set is two-sided, colorful, laminated and focuses on one key business or diversity concept.
The front of each card has tangible tips for each specific focus area. The tips are written as an acronym - using one focus word such as respect, culture, coach, civility, etc.

On the back of each card are questions that help to further explore the topic area.

With over 35 cards available, these best-selling discussion cards cover many relevant workplace topics, including:

  • Working on Diverse Teams
  • Addressing Bad Attitudes
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Working on Multicultural Teams
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Workplace Generations
  • Gender Expression    
  • Recruiting Diverse Talent
  • Mentoring
  • Hiring Diverse Talent
  • Workplace Civility
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • And many more...

Powerful Training & Reinforcement Tool
Here’s a few examples of how the discussion cards are being used.

  • Before a training session, a tip card can be used to introduce each learner to the topic at hand – preparing the learner for the upcoming session.
  • During training, the front of the card can be used to introduce key concepts or used as a quick discussion starter. The questions on the back can be used to deepen the discussion.
  • After training, each card provides a powerful reminder of the session as well as a resource for participants needing a quick refresher.
  • Even more importantly, the cards can be used as performance management tools by managers or supervisors for just-in-time or corrective action.

Why Use Discussion Cards?
Sollah’s discussion cards break down complex workplace issues into microlearning opportunities by focusing on one specific topic at a time.  And… your employees will have a resource that provides action steps they can take for a successful outcome.

The Bottom Line
When learning about or dealing with key workplace issues, it’s helpful to have a tool that quickly empowers coworkers and leaders to tackle tough situations.  Sollah's Discussion cards provide talking points that are easy to use as well as tips for others to follow.

Sollah’s business and diversity discussion cards are convenient, portable, powerful and timely tools for your next training session or everyday workplace issue. When it comes to training and reinforcement, there’s virtually no limit on how to use the tip cards.

Preview our complete set of our business and diversity tip cards now. To order, email us at clientservices@sollah.com.