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Understand Preconceived Notions - A Quick Tip

by Jon Grannis, 4 years ago

Understand Preconceived Notions - A Quick Tip

Contributor: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International

Hear the word flour and what comes to mind is probably baking, bread, and pizza crust. The preconceived notion that flour is only found in baked goods can lead to surprise when it is discovered that it can also be an ingredient in: pasta sauce, hot dogs, salad dressing, soup, taco sauce, and even dog food. Having preconceived notions about other people is like assuming that you know all of the ingredients of an item of food just by looking at it.

People are made up of many more “ingredients” than what is visible from the outside. It is only by taking the time to learn more about a person that their complete “ingredient” list is revealed.

Action Step:
Get to know the complete “ingredient list” of someone on your team better this month.

Discussion Questions

1. How do assumptions about who other people are hinder our abilities to work well together?
2. What are preconceived notions that others have had of you? How have those affected you?
3. How can finding out what a person is like inside help us to develop a better and relationship with each other?
4. What might keep us from getting to know each other better? How can we overcome those limitations?

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