Sollah's Partnership with Tampa, Florida

In the bustling world of training solutions, Sollah has carved a solutions niche for itself, and its success extends to the heart of city governance in partnership with the City of Tampa, Florida.

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Meet Kay Hunter, the maestro behind training in the City of Tampa

With 28 years under her belt, she ascended to the coveted role of Training Manager. The City’s partnership with Sollah commenced over a year ago, a choice made after sifting through numerous competitors. Impressed by the quality and scenario-based training resources, Tampa's team embraced Sollah wholeheartedly.

The implementation?

Seamless with the Sollah Library.
Sollah's training videos and resources quickly found a home on Oracle,  the City’s preferred e-learning platform.

Sollah provides extended support for curation ideas and implementation questions.

Library Highlights

The impact?

Feedback from 5,000 government employees painted a picture of success, with over 50 Sollah training programs embraced in 2023.

The benefits were immediate: training gaps filled, creativity unleashed, and one-on-one sessions streamlined.

Deep Coverage

The programs?

Diverse and timely. Soft skills, change management, ethics & compliance... Sollah's offerings aligned with Tampa's vision.

Sollah made it easy for the City of Tampa to prepare employee training right out-of-the-box.

Fresh Content

Fast forward to the future, and Tampa is a city on the rise, propelled by noteworthy leadership and a positive trajectory. Kay Hunter's testimony echoes the sentiment of a city accelerating on multiple fronts.

Leda Putney, a key stakeholder, chimes in with praises for Sollah's open, collaborative ethos. Choosing Sollah over competitors was a no-brainer for Tampa, and the library became a daily companion for training as it integrated into Oracle and blended approaches to suit diverse learning styles. Employee engagement soared, evaluations turned positive, and the library's versatility in customization was a game-changer.


Sollah's training content library is a unique platform that provides thousands of award-winning, curated training resources – right out of the box! Looking for diversity training? Compliance coverage" How about leadership development? Sollah has you covered!

Immediate access. No shipping of materials. Sollah curation and training expertise is included at no charge!

See the library in action!

Now, let's talk numbers.

A solid 5-year partnership between the City of Tampa and Sollah signifies more than a commitment–it's a strategic move with substantial cost savings potential. The ROI growth? Tangible. Multi-year contracts locking in budgetary predictability and escalating ROI prove the long-term value of Sollah's library.

Behind the scenes, a strategic partnership unfolds. Sollah aligns its interests with Tampa's success, offering extended contracts and discounted deals. The result? Mutual growth and a harmonious dance between a training solutions provider and a government organization.

Venture beyond the balance sheets, and the Tampa success story paints a broader canvas. Sollah's contribution to Tampa's success extends to the city's fabric. Tampa’s burgeoning job opportunities, cultural competency, and educational excellence are all nurtured by a local government committed to progress and fortified by Sollah's training programs.

The tale of Tampa and Sollah Interactive is one of symbiotic success. Tampa's strategic investment in comprehensive training aligns effortlessly with Sollah's commitment to excellence. As the partnership evolves, it sets a precedent for other city and county governments while illustrating the long-term benefits of investing in holistic training solutions. The curtain rises on Tampa's thriving narrative, propelled by the foresight of its local government and the transformative impact of Sollah's training prowess.

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Sollah has the HR, leadership, ethics & compliance, diversity & inclusion and performance improvement training resources you need to make you the learning hero within your organization. Let Sollah help you elevate your training game and strengthen your workforce skills.

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Right Side of the Line: Creating a Respectful & Harassment-Free Workplace™

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