Supplemental Training Module: High-Performance Principles

Characteristics of a High Performer

A high performer in our organization is someone who comes into work every day and consistently exhibits: Integrity, Respect, Initiative, Confidence and Purpose. The bottom line for any individual in any organization is to deliver results. This supplemental/debrief training session will help your organization achieve results by developing the knowledge and skills of the greatest resource the organization has - your employees.

Learning Path & Details


  • Developing Core Leadership Skills
  • Developing High-Performing Work Habits

Training Files (2)

Additional Material1 page EnglishDemo
Additional Material2 pages EnglishDemo

Additional Information

Help make the training relevant for learners by asking them to identify specific ways in which the training will help facilitate an improvement in their ability to exhibit the five characteristics common to high performers. Great way to wind down a session. Plug into any training session. Takes 10-15 minutes.

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