Adversity Creates Inspiration - A Quick Conversation

Maximizing Team Diversty & Inclusion

When diverse teams come together, there can be conflict if there is a lack of understanding and trust among team members. When there is a lack of trust, the team is fighting its differences instead of embracing them. When teams embrace the challenges that come with differences, the differences can be leveraged for inspiration and growth.

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  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Critical Work Skills
  • Promoting Teamwork

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Need a quick solution to tackling tough workplace conversations? This one-page resource provides a topical overview/story (to be read to your team in person  - as a huddle - or sent via email). An action step and discussion questions provide the framework for a customizable conversation. Easy-to-implement and designed to be used with little to no planning, these conversation triggers provide a simple model for creating great team discussion.

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