Build a Foundation for Growth - A Quick Conversation

Ackowledging the Power of Diversity

Navel oranges are neither native to Florida nor a natural tree. Navels are a graft of two citrus trees, the root stock and the bud wood. Both these parts contribute different, but essential resources that are necessary in order to produce sweet oranges. Oftentimes, behind the scenes tasks are overlooked as being nonessential; however, they are a vital component to the health and productivity of the team.

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  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Critical Work Skills
  • Promoting Teamwork

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Need a quick solution to tackling tough workplace conversations? This one-page resource provides a topical overview/story (to be read to your team in person - as a huddle - or sent via email). An action step and discussion questions provide the framework for a customizable conversation. Easy-to-implement and designed to be used with little to no planning, these conversation triggers provide a simple model for creating great team discussion.

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