Overcome Obstacles - A Quick Conversation

Sustaining Positive Team Growth

Tree limbs grow so that the leaves can absorb sunlight, the energy needed to sustain and create growth. Obstacles never stop a tree from finding the sunshine. Limbs bend around buildings, grow over street signs, and through abandoned structures. In the same way that trees need to be flexible and persistent in their quest to find sunlight, diversity projects need to grow under, through, or around any obstacles that block their path moving forward.

Learning Paths & Details


  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Critical Work Skills
  • Promoting Teamwork

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Additional Information

Need a quick solution to tackling tough workplace conversations? This one-page resource provides a topical overview/story (to be read to your team in person - as a huddle - or sent via email). An action step and discussion questions provide the framework for a customizable conversation. Easy-to-implement and designed to be used with little to no planning, these conversation triggers provide a simple model for creating great team discussion.

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