Courage 2 Coach™ - Program Conclusion / The Bottom Line

The Power of Coaching for Performance

This quick video provides a quick summary of the C2C model and how it's simplicity is still a powerful way to get the most out of your employees. The bottom line... coaching works!

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  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance

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Courage 2 Coach™ - (eLearning Signature)

Courage 2 Coach™ - (eLearning Signature)

Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today. Courage 2 Coach™ turns common sense into common practice with a four-step process that can be applied to any employee performance situation. This course walks each user through a realistic range of tough employee performance situations make this program ideal for organizations committed to supervisory success.

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Program Conclusion/The Bottom Line
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A quick summary of the powerful C2C model.

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